of Engineering
and Architecture
of Fribourg

Studying at the College
of Engineering and Architecture
of Fribourg…

… This means benefiting from a privileged location:


With more than a hundred years of experience, the School
Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg
is on the
cutting edge of technology. Its task is to train HES
engineers and architects. About 600 students are
currently enrolled at the school, many of them coming
from different cultures and speaking different languages.

The College offers a wide choice of activities:

The College of Engineering and Architecture is a member of the
Haute Ecole spécialisée de Suisse occidentale (HES-SO),
(University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland),
grouping 20 schools with more than 10,000 students in various
fields (Building and Environment, Chemistry and Life Sciences,
Information and Communication Technologies, Industrial
Technologies, Economics and Services, Social Work,
Health, Design and Visual Arts, Music).


Just like the federal institutes of technologies and universities, the
UAS (universities of applied sciences) have started to
establish a curriculum in two parts according to the agreement
known as the “Bologna Declaration”. Therefore,
as from October 2006 (beginning of the new school year), the degree
in engineering and architecture will become a UAS Bachelor.

We offer

Course of studies

Courses are spread over three years generally.

Admission conditions

The Swiss professional maturity certificate is the principal access to the UAS studies.
However, other possibilities exist as well.

International relations

The College of Engineering and Architecture promotes the students’ mobility and the development
of international relations, especially with education institutions and firms located either in the
European Union or elsewhere in the world (Canada, USA, Mexico, India, China , Japan)

Further training

The College of Engineering and Architecture offers a wide range of courses
for continuing education.

Research and Development (R&D)

Research and development, services and technology transfer ensure constant technological
evolution and allow the development of products and innovative and effective procedures.

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